Unfettered Hypergamy

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This essay is going to evaluate the consequences of a women’s hypergamous natures becoming unencumbered in a post-sexual revolution gender landscape of the current femcentric environment. It is going to address the potential consequences for both alpha and beta males as well as women themselves and their hypergamous filters for best mate selection.

Evolutionary Psychology: Brain Wirings

The fundamental element that causes confusion when it comes to communication between the sexes is that they each are inherently coming from a different perspective of thinking. Women come from an emotive perspective. Men come from a logical, deductive perspective. With this in mind, when men and women debate it often escalates into an argument because each sex does not understand the other’s point of view or frame of reference. Each sex’s brain is fundamentally wired differently for thought process.

The main frustrations come from Blue Pill alpha and beta males because they do not understand women. It is these men that persistently push their logical way of thinking and point of view onto a woman hoping that she will eventually “just get it” and have his logic sink in. What he does not realise is that it never will. These men are those that will eventually cause women to loathe them because they frustrate them with their Blue Pill behaviour; they also frustrate themselves by not understating why she does not comprehend him and his way of thinking and overt speaking.

These Blue Pill alpha and beta males are usually sound with their logic and reasoning behind their argument; the issue is that the she just will not ever get a handle on his perspective because of her emotional brain wiring. Emotions are not logical. She’s solipsistic and coming from her own emotive point of view with herself as the first point of reference. It is the solipsistic “self” before “else”. Think of the man that says “just tell me what I need to do and I will do it” to his woman who eventually becomes very frustrated with him because he does not understand her. He is the one that fails shit tests to see whether he “just gets her” or not.

The Red Pill alpha knows that women “don’t make sense”. He is the one that knows when women communicate that they are doing so from a point of illogical emotions and covertness. It is because he understands this that he knows to ignore the nuisances in her emotive thoughts and expressions that contradict him; he is logically ignoring the illogical. Luckily a man’s rational brain wiring can allow him to understand women if he unplugs and becomes Red Pill aware.

The other side to this point of contention is that women do not inherently understand men. Their solipsism will never allow them to understand a man’s true perspective of how he views her and the world around him. Women rationalise with their emotions and have a default “self” before “else” thought process that does not enable them to comprehend how a man views the world. This is a survival trait in a woman and not a flaw; it is perfectly normal. What she sees and feels is exactly what she feels a man feels. Think flaky behaviour from a woman; she inherently does not generally comprehend she is being flaky, albeit there might be exceptions. It is up to the man to “just get her” and understand her from his own logical, rational point and let it slide and not call her out on it in frustration. Flaky behaviour? The medium is in the message – she isn’t interested. She subconsciously thinks it is just natural for a man to “just get this”. It is not uncommon for men to think “does she think I am telepathic and that I should be able to read her mind”.

Multiple Mating Partners And Shaming

Before the sexual revolution that began to enter western societies in the mid 1960s, it was common for women and men to settle down earlier in life and start a family at a lot younger age. Women did not have the freedom of job opportunities, education and government support that they now have. In other words, women relied on men a lot more for financial security and provisioning. It was before the sexual revolution really took off that society seemed to endorse that it was acceptable for men to sleep with multiple women but shamed women for sleeping with multiple men. Women were labelled “sluts” and “whores” for doing so. Men were labelled “players”. They both still are so to some degree in a post-sexual revolution society, but this is gradually changing within the gender landscape of a femcentric reality that endorses equality between the sexes, i.e. we are all the same so should be treated the same. Feminists in particular endorse this behaviour that falls in line with this ideal.

Women are gradually beginning to openly admit that they have multiple sex partners because of “equality” and that the genders are nothing but equal beings in everything in life. It is the feminine social convention of “well if you men are allowed to sleep with multiple women then we women are allowed to sleep with multiple men. We are all equal at the end of the day”. What they are inherently missing here is that the genders are actually very different, one such depiction being that of brain wiring as discussed earlier.

Sexual Selection Hypergamous Filters

Since the sexual revolution, women have been gradually given more and more freedom in their pursuits, one of which is sexual selection. It was before the sexual revolution that women generally had less mating partners because they had to settle down earlier for security through societal constrictions. What this meant is that women often only experienced beta behaviour from a male or at least lesser alpha behaviour, i.e. the chances of experiencing feral alpha males was less likely. She was “widowed” by her husband’s beta behaviour and so properly pair bonded with him. She probably only had a few sex partners, maybe even just the one which was her husband. She had no point of reference for anything other than her husband’s behaviour and sexual experience. It was not uncommon for women to settle down in their late teens to early 20s to start a family. Women before the sexual revolution were generally very happy and housewife material.

As women have started to enjoy more freedom, a knock on implication is that they have started to enjoy more sexual partners and choice of sexual partner. They have hypergamously got access to a better “sea” of males of which to select from. Think of Tinder and Bumble. These are inherently hypergamous optimization applications that can extend on a global reach. It might as well just be men saying “yes” to all, have women match with whom they want and then have the male pick from his matches. This way both males and females pick, but the male picks after he was originally picked first. Women are the sexual selectors, testing in their hind-brain “is he the best I can do”. If her hypergamy is satisfied with her mate, this hind-brain testing is mitigated and she becomes a very loving girlfriend or wife; her opportunistic nature is satisfied.

Since the sexual revolution, hypergamy on a woman’s part has become unencumbered, whereas before it was controlled under the auspices of the security needed from a man. Her hypergamous nature was “quarantined under a social doctrine of restrictions”. With the advent of hormonal birth control, a woman now has the experience of an unleashed hypergamous filter and is able to spend more time seeking for that “perfect” male that meets both her sexual alpha and security beta side of hypergamy. Her hypergamous filter is unencumbered by the possibility of unwanted pregnancies.

A man’s sexual strategy is to spread seed. A man’s strategy is unlimited access to unlimited sexuality. A woman’s is hypergamy – alpha seed / beta need, i.e. get the best genetics with the best security provisioning, ideally in the same male.

Consequences Of Unfettered Hypergamy On The Female Psyche

With the idea of strategic pluralism theory, noted below, the consequences can start to be unravelled of such hypergamous unleashing in the femcentric society of today for alpha males, beta males and women themselves.

Strategic pluralism theory is the following by the scientific study of Martie Haselton

According to strategic pluralism theory (Gangestad & Simpson, 2000), men have evolved to pursue reproductive strategies that are contingent on their value on the mating market. More attractive men accrue reproductive benefits from spending more time seeking multiple mating partners and relatively less time investing in offspring. In contrast, the reproductive effort of less attractive men, who do not have the same mating opportunities, is better allocated to investing heavily in their mates and offspring and spending relatively less time seeking additional mates.

Women With Multiple Sexual Partners

The unleashing of unfettered hypergamy and unencumbered hypergamous filters through the auspices of societal social backing and hormonal birth control is causing more and more women to not settle down until they are around 30-35 at the epiphany phase. They are enjoying the ideal to keep seeking the most dominant alpha their looks can attract in their party years up to the age of around 30; the “can I do better than what I’ve already done” keeps crossing their minds. This is the alpha arousal years, security be damned. Unfortunately, this is having a major impact on the psyche of the female.

Society keeps pressing the notion of equality and that the genders are nothing but equal in every manifestation. Unfortunately, this is just not true.

The problem is that because these women are now experiencing more alpha men in their 20s through unfettered hypergamy, when they come to want to settle down at their epiphany phase around 30-35 they cannot find a suitable male. They have experienced such dominance from alpha males that they have come to look down on beta males. In other words, their point of hypergamous reference is that of the most dominant alpha male they had the experience of. This is the “picky woman” or the woman that tells everyone “we just did not click”. It is the good looking woman that no one understands why is still single.

This is having a major impact on the psyches of women and their hypergamous filters. The bar is now set much higher on this filter for long term security because she knows she can attract dominant alpha males. A woman who has experienced multiple sex partners in her past is more likely to become alpha widowed and be less happy in a more beta relationship later in life. It is the “pining for the alpha”. Think of Rose in Titanic at the end. She is reflecting back on that night when Jack alpha widowed her. Any subsequent male beneath what he set her hypergamous filter level at just doesn’t make the cut.

Just to note it, if she has experienced multiple mating partners and they have all been beta, this is less likely to be the case.

Women With Fewer Sexual Partners

The flip side to this is that women who have not experienced these alphas are more likely to be satisfied in a beta relationship through not having had those experiences. She has no point of reference for the experiences from “ghosts of alphas past”.

This is a primary reason western societies are seeing more unsatisfied women in a post-sexual revolution era than that of a pre-sexual revolution era. In a pre-sexual revolution era, women were hypergamously satisfied with the males they chose at a younger age. In a post-sexual revolution era they are not. Women in western societies are becoming more and more unsatisfied in later life and this is a primary cause.

Beta Male Frustrations

Because women are enjoying the more alpha men in their 20s, or the potential to enjoy them, a knock on implication is to cause beta male frustrations in western societies. Betas now have to wait until they themselves are around the age of 30 to 35 before they are chosen as long term mates. It is the “wait for me” phenomenon women often cry.

It was the TV show friends that pointed to this phenomenon quite aptly with the line by Chandler to Monica that “if we are still single by the time we are 40 we will get married and have a kid”. What Chandler was ignorant of here is that he was specifically labelling himself to be a “settled on” male if Monica could not find a better alternative in that time (Richard maybe?). Chandler was the biggest beta simp on a TV show there has ever been, always appealing to women’s reason and apologizing trying to keep the peace with rubbish jokes etc. TV shows often depict a lot of beta males as the butt of all jokes, bumbling their way through life. It’s part of the beta conditioning on the male mind during adolescence.

The beta frustrations come from the security side of women’s dualistic sexual strategies now being taken care of more by society and government, or even themselves through women now careerists etc, so alpha seed takes president over beta need. Not only are beta males now more often being “settled on” by alpha widowed women, they have to contend with “waiting her out” until she is ready to consider him as a prospect later in her life; the woman who swipes no on a man on Tinder when she is 28 is the same woman who swipes yes to him at 35.

Alpha Male Implications

The implications for alpha males is more self evident. As woman are waiting to settle down later in life, alpha males have the option to be the ones she experiences in her party years that are not going to settle down with her. In fact, she does not want them to settle down with her because she wants her freedom at this time in her life, again backed by the more femcentric society we are in that supports a woman’s security needs.

A woman will often shame an alpha for “pump and dump” behaviour. This is not true. A woman uses this as a social convention to absolve her of her promiscuous nature; put the blame on the shoulders of the alphas she is aroused by. It is a way of her keeping her “perfect angel” image in the eyes of society. There is not such thing as a “good girl”.

Consequences of Multiple Sex Partners On The Male Psyche

Because men are wired for rational thinking, multiple sex partners for a male has no impact on his psyche. It is in fact a man’s sexual strategy, as depicted by strategic pluralism theory, to spread his genetic legacy. With this outlined, multiple mating partners for women affect their psyche because alpha experience affects their hypergamous “satisfaction filter bar” when it comes to long term mate choice. This is if they so experienced such dominant alpha males in their past. For men, it does not affect their psyche at all.

Not All Woman Are Like That

The final point to be made in this essay is that even in a post-sexual revolution femcentric gender landscape, not all women experience the alpha men they are aroused by and actually do settle down into monogamy early or late with having less sexual partners and generally being non-alpha widowed. The want to experience them may still have crossed their minds, however. In fact, these women are generally the most happy because they have satisfied hypergamy with their partner, whether he is alpha or beta.

Unfettered hypergamy is what women asked for through equality between the sexes. What they didn’t anticipate was the implication on their psyches and subsequent hypergamy optimization filter levels for mate choice latter in life. This is somewhat correlated to a woman’s SMV, personality and ability to attract alphas. It is also somewhat correlated to self-esteem, intelligence, identity and her relationship status to prevent her promiscuity in her youth. The alpha seed / beta need of a woman’s sexual strategy has been separated out in the more femcentric society, and it is men that are the ones that need to now adapt.

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Definitions Of Terminology Within The Article

Red Pill Alpha: An unplugged male who understands women.

Blue Pill Alpha: A plugged in male who is an alpha that most likely knows some idea about woman but hasn’t studied Red Pill philosophy. He could definitely benefit from unplugging. He probably subscribes to an ideal of “soul mate” methodology or some other blue pill ideal that could get him fucked over easily by a manipulative woman. He’s possibly good at getting one night stands. He’s possibly the guy who is an alpha with friends but beta with women. He can easily switch from Blue Pill Beta to Blue Pill Alpha without knowing.

Beta Male: A plugged in male who usually provides just security to a female. He views women as “the prize” by default of his societal conditioning. He commits easily, believes woman love just like he does and doesn’t understand women. He does not understand his value to women.

Hypergamy: A woman’s dual sexual strategy of short term alpha flings (if her looks can enable it) in her youth before settling into comfortable long term commitment with, usually, a beta when her sexual competitiveness starts to fade usually around 30 to 35 when she cannot attract alphas anymore and wants to cash out the sexual market place (SMP). The age a woman “cashes out” is dependent upon her circumstances. Hypergamy is always asking her hindbrain “is he the best I can do”, even in marriage. It is routed in doubt; hence women love very differently to men. A woman’s hypergamous sexual strategy is opportunistic. A man’s is idealistic.

The Epiphany Phase: The point in a woman’s life when she has an epiphany that she should probably settle down with a male before her fading sexual competitiveness makes her a spinster. This is usually around the age of 28-35 depending on the attractiveness of the woman and her personal sexual market value (SMV). She would ideally like the arousing alpha with a garnish of beta traits but is starting to realise she will have to settle with a beta. Urgency kicks in at this stage as well because of her want for children.

Hypergamous Filter: The inbuilt psychological filtering mechanism hardwired into a woman’s psyche to filter for those she wants to mate with over those she doesn’t. It can vary based on her past alpha experiences and awareness of her own SMV.

Alpha Widows: Women who have been so emotionally in love with dominant alpha males in her past that she has come to despise beta males. She finds it difficult to pair bond with beta males and be in true love with them. She sees beta males as male girlfriends.

The Feminine Matrix: The society that we grew up in that conditions most men into betas. It is the femcentric society we live in today, developed since the 1960s. It’s the post sexual revolution gender landscape. It’s what guys unplug from.

Sexual Market Value: The sexual market value of a woman or man. It is the value of a woman or man to the opposite sex. A woman’s is based on her age and looks. A man’s in based on his looks but more so towards his status, age, wealth etc. A man’s SMV is a lot more complicated than a woman’s and will be addressed in later blog posts.

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