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Women are naturally solipsistic. The term solipsism is defined as “the view that the self is all that can be known to exist”. It can take quite a while for a man unplugging to come into an understanding of the concept and put himself into a woman’s shoes of how she views the world around her. It is also incorrectly assumed that the term is associated with narcissism. This is inherently incorrect. Narcissism is the admiration of oneself and physical appearance. This isn’t to say a woman cannot be narcissistic, but it is just to say that the concepts are very different. Narcissism is down to a personality trait; solipsism is down to female brain wiring.

Part of unplugging is coming to terms with the fact all women are solipsistic. A woman is in her own world within her head with her emotions abounding her.  What she experiences and feels is exactly what she believes everyone else feels, including men. She finds it very difficult to believe that men can be viewing and perceiving things differently to herself. Solipsism is an “inward” focused “on me” view of perceiving things. It is why they are so attention craving. Men have an “outward” focused “on that” viewpoint. It’s why beta simps thirst for THOT on Instagram. The “on me” and “on that” go hand in hand. Part of this is why men and women love very differently.


To begin to understand how this concept applies to a woman, imagine a woman is reading this now. The article is actually talking about women in general; however, the first thing a woman would perceive is that it is written about her. If a statement is made about women in general or anything for that matter, if it doesn’t apply to herself and her parameters the statement is automatically rejected. The classic response from a woman that doesn’t agree with something is “not all women are like that”. She is saying this from the perspective of herself as in “not all women are like that…because I am not”. If it doesn’t apply to herself, then it doesn’t apply to anyone.

Imagine that a man is in a building. He is on the phone to a woman and she tells him to come and meet her outside. He says “where outside”. She might say something like “just outside, you’ll see me”. She is viewing this from her own perspective only; she believes that because she knows where she is outside that he will automatically know where she is. As I mentioned before, a woman finds it very difficult to put herself into another person’s shoes to view the scenario from a different perspective. With this in mind, it is what gives a woman her own mental point of origin by default. She’s persistently battling her emotions and just following where her heart takes her so rationality has little to do with anything.

Myth Of Equity

A man’s social conditioning and outward focused look at the world can condition him to put others before himself. The beta male has been conditioned into putting others before himself, especially women. Unfortunately, this has made the beta male think that putting a woman before his own goals, etc is what “gets her going”. It is part of that falsehood of “relational equity” build up. The inherent liability in this is that a woman’s solipsism will make it very difficult for her to fully appreciate that his conditioning has made him do this with the sacrifices he is making for her. This is not her fault because she doesn’t realize she is doing it, again caused by the solipsism. The Blue Pill beta male’s relationship that implodes after 10 years is not so much heartbroken at losing his “soul mate” as he is at losing the “equity” he believed that was being built up. Every date night, movie, holiday, etc was rationally thought by him to be “appreciated” by her.

It is the beta males fault really for believing there is such a thing as “equity” being built up in the first place. It is societies fault for building the beta males to think that there is such rationality in a woman’s emotional being that she would comprehend things exactly like he does. Once a man unplugs and begins to see women for what they actually are and not what he has been conditioned to think they are, he will begin to fully appreciate them.

The conditioned beta male’s outward focused look at the world makes him think that “well if I go to coffee with her she’ll take that into account as rational equity and appreciate me for that”. Her solipsism is actually appreciating that “a man” has gone to coffee with her to keep her company. Who you are really doesn’t matter; it is what you are to her. This is particularly true for friendships with women. Women have beta orbiters in droves surrounding them. A woman has absolutely no idea that some of these beta orbiters are having an outward focused, projecting focus on her whilst she is having an inward-focused projection on herself. It’s why women love to talk about themselves and talk for talking sake only. It is easy for a man to go on a date and say very few words and just let her dominate the conversation with what she wants to say. She will often finish the date thinking he was such a great guy when all he did was sit there and listen. It didn’t matter who he was, only what he was which was “a body to talk at” – notice that it was said “at” and not “to”.

Unplugged Male

An unplugged Red Pilled alpha man’s love for a woman can be healthier than that of a Blue Pill beta male because he understands his love. The beta males love is based on the rational thinking of giving her gifts, taking her to dinner and buying her a car etc. She isn’t going to say no to this. Her solipsism doesn’t even comprehend that she is “taking advantage of him”. That’s the Blue Pill beta that thinks she is taking advantage of him. It is what causes arguments and men appealing to reason with women. A gold digger is just solipsistically doing what benefits her own being and who she is taking advantage of being damned; it isn’t even consciously considered in her brain. It’s his fault for being such a Blue Pill beta that he would allow this to happen. Gold diggers only exist because men allow them to exist – period. The more a man unplugs, the more a man realizes that it is inherently men’s fault for allowing bad behavior to happen from a woman. The irony here is women experience so many Blue Pill beta men in their adolescence that they don’t respect most men. It is a knock on effect. In addition to this, the femcentric western world we live in has conditioned women to not respect men by default. The post-sexual revolution western landscape has conditioned women to think “they should never need to do a thing for a man” and that men need to “work for the pussy”. Only beta men work for the pussy. Unfortunately, women as young as 15 are telling boys at school that pussy is a “prize to be won” so no wonder beta males come off the adolescent production line in droves.

Solipsism And Love

The solipsistic nature of women means a man has to make her feel amazing, and how he feels about her has very little to do with anything. She doesn’t really acknowledge how a man actually feels about her in so much as he just makes her feel amazing. She just feels great when he makes her feel amazing. A lot here gets lost in the idealism that this needs to be conscious on his part as in “sacrifice” on his part to make her feel amazing, i.e. he needs to “give” to make this woman feel amazing. Again, this is Blue Pill logic. It does not even have to be conscious on his part. Just being a dominant alpha, leading things to the bedroom and “doing his thing” to please himself is all that it takes. She will feel amazing vicariously through him pleasing himself. “A man” turned up, widowed her and left her a wet mess of fluids on the bed and was swiftly gone. She pines for “what he was to her” and “what he did”. Who he was didn’t matter. He may have not even said a word to her; just his actions and behaviour did it all for her.

A man’s arousal cues are an outward “objectifying” look on a woman. His arousal cues are purely visual. A man can stand there looking at a naked woman and get aroused. It’s as simple as that and has got very little to do with emotional engagement in his brain. He is a rational male with rational thoughts resulting in a rational arousal response. A woman gets wet through engagement of emotions. Just throwing a woman on the bed, pinning her down and taking control is enough to get her going, especially if she is in peak ovulation. It’s why she can get wet through looking at pages in a book. Her imaginings within her brain set her heart on fire, light up her soul and make her pine for the alpha in the romance novel she is reading. She is inherently making “herself” wet. Again, due to solipsism and an inward focused brain.

It has less to do with what he looks like (visual stimulus) and more to do with what he is doing, his behavior etc that make her “feel” her emotions. Beta behavior is not arousing because it is deductive logic. It is what a man thinks will get her going. Being nice to a woman as a way to try to get her wet is Blue Pill beta game deductive bullshit. A man is nice to a woman for the sake of just not being an asshole, not for intimate approval. Alpha arousal is because an alpha is behaving like a man should behave, not like a conditioned beta simp. It should be added here that looks do count, but it is not the be all and end all as behavior is more important. It would never be said in a romance novel that the alpha was a fat out of shape loser; he was tall, broad shoulders with a muscular physique etc.

The final point to make about solipsism is that it makes a woman fall in love with an emotion, an emotion that a man makes within her. She does not fall in love with who he is. She falls in love with what he is / was and what he did. An alpha who takes hearts and souls of women and sleeps next to the bag of them at night does so by taking a part of her with him when he leaves her. For obvious reasons, he doesn’t even need to be in love with her to do this, but it needed to be mentioned. Do not go around beta orbiting women that you know. Go out and steal souls of women that you don’t know. A beta orbiter makes no impact on a woman what so ever. A beta in a marriage to an alpha widow makes no impact on her what so ever. A woman will never love a man for “who he is on the inside”. A woman will only love a man for how he makes her feel and how he makes her feel only.

A man falls in lust with a woman through how he makes her feel (intimate alpha lust) in person or through a Blue Pill beta idealism (beta lust) where he pieces together a scenario with her in his head.  To see a woman express emotions of content and love that a man is firing up in her is what can make a man lust for her.

Every alpha a woman sleeps with takes a part of her soul with him. She will hit her epiphany phase and pine for all the alphas she slept with who are now wanting to sleep with the new younger generation of women. Once she comes to terms with the fact she has no soul left to give and cannot attract the alphas anymore she will marry the beta – the beta provider. Don’t be beta.

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