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The sole propriety reason a man will get shit tested is to determine his character as a man. It can either be a covert or overt method to determine whether he is an alpha or a beta and either “just gets it” or not. It is to determine how a man will cope under pressure in a situation. A big part of unplugging is going to come with understanding when one is getting shit tested so they can deal with them efficiently and effectively.

A woman will gather a wealth of information about a guy just by him passing or failing one of her shit tests. It is usually to determine how emotionally vulnerable a man is. A woman does not want to be with an emotional man; she is the emotional being so needs an indifferent, stoic alpha she can rely on for both offspring and security. Betas are generally the emotional men; alphas are the headstrong dominant men. With that said, it is usually the beta males that fail shit tests whilst the alphas pass, although red herrings can and do happen.

A woman will shit test a guy she sees as short term friends with benefits, a one night stand (ONS) or potential boyfriend material. It’s hard wired into their hypergamous, opportunistic sexual strategy to find the male with the best genes for breeding. A man will never stop being shit tested, even into a long term relationship or marriage. It is part of her subconscious “is he the best I can do” persistent questioning of her hypergamous opportunism. If a man in a relationship or marriage fails, or persistently fails, she will gradually lose respect for him and possibly even begin to resent him. The worst case scenario is she will seek out a different male if she so has the opportunity to do so based on her sexual market value and age. Dealing with shit tests is part of improving a man’s social skills and what the manosphere calls “Game”. A woman will never love a man as he expects to be loved idealistically for “just who he is” so a man is going to want to be able to defuse shit tests with ease if he wants to be successful with women.

A man who experiences a shit test and loses his cool and gets defensive and dismissive can be considered to have failed a shit test. On the contrary, a man who can maintain his composure and deal with it efficiently and effectively will generally be considered to have passed.

Counter to what it may seem, getting shit tested is a good thing. If a man is not getting shit tested by a woman, he has most likely been friend zoned in her mind without even being tested because a woman will only test a guy she is interested in. If a man likes a woman more than platonically and is not getting shit tested or other indicators of interest to escalate things further than friendship, he is best moving on. Only beta men stick around women they like that wont reciprocate. It is the ultimate form of pussy pedestalisation and “oneitis” beta thinking.

Alphas know there is no “one”. They don’t subscribe to a “soul mate” ideology so swiftly move on. It is kind of obvious, but just because a guy is an alpha does not mean every woman is going to be interested in him; he just knows to move on if they are not.

A woman has a dog’s instinct to pick up on male behaviour cues and can determine whether they would sleep with a man within a few minutes of meeting them just by analysing his behaviour and performing a few shit tests.

If a woman has a high level of interest in a man as a potential intimate mate and he fails a shit test of hers, she is going to be deeply disappointed but will quickly friend zone him if he so allows himself to be to. If he allows this, he is now what is known as beta orbiting.

Example Pass And Fail

A very popular shit test a woman might say to a man she is interested in is “I bet you are a player, and I hate players” or something along those lines. The man who agrees with her that he is no player in a way to appease her and appear on her side like he believes she wants a man who is not a player has failed the shit test. As mentioned before, a beta male identifies in a feminine mindset and with the female itself. The man would say something like “no honestly I am not like all those other men”. It is a classic greater beta “if-then” Blue Pill deductive logic reason to do this. She will just laugh at this man and allow him to friend zone himself. He will probably laugh along with her. She has lost all respect for him, but he would make a great male girlfriend to her so she allows himself to put himself into her beta orbit.

A possible response to pass this shit test would be to use “cocky dismissal”. A typical response here from a man could be “says a girl that most likely sleeps with them all”. The point here is to get her on the defensive. The man here is “flipping the script” to get her to back down on him as well as imply she is a THOT who is an easy lay. Just by the man getting this shit test, he can determine that she has some interest in him, even if it is just for playful banter. It is a way to get him to determine that she should be worthy of him and not the other way around.

Another possible response other than “cocky dismissal” would be the “agree and dismiss” technique. A potential response using this technique would be “yeah I am and don’t give a fuck”. This is a little weaker than the first response because it is blatant dismissal without “flipping the script”. The “amplifying” part is just dismissive. It can be considered a pass, but it’s a close call because the man has not used the opportunity to make himself seem like she should be worthy of him.

Another possible response would be “yeah I am and fuck bitches every weekend”. What he has done here is completely ignore the part that she said she hates players. Sometimes ignoring part of a shit test is a good way to proceed if there is limited that can be said to pressure flip said test. Always flip the script of the shit test if it can be done so as it is the best way to pass.

Other classic shit test examples:

“Buy me a drink” – Translation: are you a beta male?

“How many girls have you slept with?” – Translation: are you a thirsty beta?

“O no, have I hurt your feelings?” – Translation: are you a beta male?

“Hold my bag” – Translation: are you a beta male?

I think the theme is self evident here…

A classic long term relationship or marriage shit test that men have been failing for decades is the “I’m hungry” shit test. What she wants the man to do in this instance is make a decision. It is a test of his leadership as a man in the relationship. Most beta males attempt to appease their women with a line like “OK, where do you want to go eat” or “what do you want to eat”. She will reply with “I don’t know”. This man has failed the shit test. The man who passes this shit test will say “OK, put on your shoes we will go and get Chinese” or something similar. She might just go along with your decision, or she might now offer up alternatives for what she actually wants to do. It doesn’t really matter what happens now as the man has passed the shit test already. If the man keeps probing with “so what do you want to eat” questions with no overt declaration of a definitive answer from her, she will eventually say “I don’t know, you decide”. In this instance, the man has failed the shit test.

All these need to be dealt with in ways other than a direct yes or no or to do what she actually is asking of you as all responses would determine the man is a beta male.

Shit Test Variations: Dominance, Compliance And Fitness

As mentioned in the introduction, a woman shit tests for a man’s alpha credibility. It is to determine his dominance, compliance and fitness as a potential intimate partner.

Dominance shit tests are to determine how head strong a man is. It is a questioning of the strength of his frame. “O no, have I hurt your feelings?” is a dominance shit test. A man is most likely to experience these in his single and dating life.

Compliance shit tests are to determine how much you are willing to do someone else’s bidding. “Buy me a drink” is a compliance shit test.

Fitness shit tests are just to determine social skills and banter and generally are a little weaker than dominance and compliance tests. Fitness tests are most likely used by women just for playful banter, even when they are not interested in the man intimately. “O my god, you are such a whiney bitch” is a standard low key fitness test. Other low key fitness tests are to be experienced by men in long term relationships (LTRs) and marriages. They are small “neg hits” originating from her hypergamous nature to just keep testing he is the man she met when single and dating. Neg hitting her back are good ways to deal with these. It’s teasing, light banter and the like.

A Borderline Personality Disorder Woman (BPD) never stops shit testing because of her own innate insecurities and mental health issues. A beta that latches onto a BPD is in for a rough ride failing shit tests and getting emotionally abused by his “soul mate” that he cannot kick to the curb. He is in love with this woman even though she is emotionally abusing him. It should be noted that a BPD woman is not to blame here because she doesn’t know she is doing it consciously due to her solipsism. It should also be noted that the man is not to blame either because he does not understand the Blue Pill idealistic love for love sake way of male loving due to his incorrect social conditioning during his adolescence. It is a recipe for disaster with a worst case being suicide on his part. This is why men need to unplug. Rollo Tomassi at The Rational Male has had men say to him that he has saved their lives through them now understanding women.

Shit Testing Other Than For Intimacy

A lot of what is heard from Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) and some others in the Red Pill community are statements such as “I don’t care, fuck the shit tests”. Unfortunately, a man is always being tested when he has the potential to offer something to the world. A man will be shit tested by women, his mates and at job interviews etc. By a woman, it is for sexual interest reasons or banter; by his mates, it is a form of male ritual, group initialisation and hierarchical alpha male of group standing; and by a job interviewer, it is for your potential in a work role. Some job interviewers can shit test a candidate a lot.

Conscious Or Subconscious Shit Testing

A question that is often poised is whether a woman consciously or subconsciously shit tests. A woman’s ultimate mating ideal is to find the male with the best alpha genes she can attract in which to breed with as rooted in her dualistic sexual strategy of hypergamy. Even if she isn’t looking for children, her mating choices are still rooted in this proposition dictated by her hormones. The reason she wants the alpha is because he offers the best seed for reproduction. With this in mind, a shit test on a male for his alpha credibility is definitely subconscious; however, some women can become peripherally aware on some conscious level that they are doing it, even just for shits and giggles. It is a light form of entertainment to them.

A woman who is inundated with male attention and beta orbiters is going to be more aware they are shit testing a man than a woman who isn’t. Sometimes it even becomes a form of “bullying” if she keeps shit testing her beta orbiters who are always failing them. School is an opportune time for women to shit test her beta orbiters. It is the time in her life when she starts to come into the realisation the control over men her vagina can have. It is down to the feminised western society we live in that shame men and pedestalise women. Men during their adolescence are unaware, but it is the time they are most likely to be conditioned into beta males. They will fail her shit tests and become very frustrated.

A classic school girl shit test on a guy would be to say “you’ve got to work for this pussy”. He needs to become quick witted and confident enough to put her in her place. A good response to this would be “not work FOR that pussy, just work that pussy” and stare her down laughing at her “butt hurt” reaction. He passed her shit test. Staying silent is the worst thing to do here. Just saying “fuck that shit” is a weak pass, but a pass nonetheless.

Put on the Red Pill lenses and tune into who is getting shit tested and who isn’t’. For the record, a group of close male and female friends or colleagues will still shit test and banter just for their own amusement as part of fitness testing and just passing the time of day.

Shit Testing At A Woman’s Epiphany Phase

As a woman starts approaching her epiphany phase around 30-35 and begins to realise she should probably settle down for a long term monogamous relationship, her shit testing will turn into “shit test light”. During her youth when she is inundated with male attention, she will hardcore shit test for the most dominant alpha male she can attract. She does not care if he has any beta in him at all so long as he is the alpha male of the group. She realises at her epiphany, however, that she should slack off on the shit testing because she is “looking for something more”, “is doing the right thing this time” and “does not date those types anymore”. She is looking for a provider – a beta provider.

It is at this time that she will let a male fail some shit tests but still consider him a potential prospect. After all, she is looking for male security now more than anything, even if she isn’t aroused by him like the alphas she used to date. “I decided to marry Dave; he’s a real nice guy is Dave”. It is easy to connect the dots here.

As mentioned in the article “The Alpha / Beta Dichotomy” she would ideally like the man with alpha and beta traits. She will date around looking for this man. If, however, she cannot find this alpha / beta man before it is too late for her to have children or that she cannot compete with the younger women coming on the dating market, she will settle for a beta male, even if he fails all her shit tests. Unfortunately, some beta males have no idea they have been settled on over the arousing alphas of her past.

It is the scenario where a women settles for a beta man when she’s had alphas in her past that create a lot of difficulties in long term relationships and marriages. He will say something like “just tell me what you want and I will give it to you” as she storms off and seeks legal advice on divorce proceedings. He has just failed a nuclear shit test that will most likely be terminating his marriage.

Definitions Of Terminology Within The Article

Beta Orbiter: A man in a woman’s friendship group that has interest in said woman with the idea to try and escalate himself to intimacy with her at some point. The woman may or may not know he has interest in her depending on whether he has “taken his shot” at her yet. She will always try to put him back in her orbit regardless of whether he has tried to escalate to intimacy with her. This is solely for her ego and attention craving. She does not give a shit about the betas feelings. If he can get out of orbit, he should do so.

Men Going Their Own Way: The men of the Red Pill community who have decided not to pursue women due to the modern western post sexual revolution landscape being stacked against them in laws and other political matters.

Shit Test: A test poised by anyone to someone whom they see as having a benefit to themselves in some way. It is usually for alpha credibility to see if someone “just gets it”.

Hypergamy: A woman’s dual sexual strategy of short term alpha flings (if her looks can enable it) in her youth before settling into comfortable long term commitment with, usually, a beta when her sexual competitiveness starts to fade usually around 30 to 35 when she cannot attract alphas anymore and wants to cash out the sexual market place (SMP). The age a woman “cashes out” is dependent upon her circumstances. Hypergamy is always asking her hindbrain “is he the best I can do”, even in marriage. It is routed in doubt; hence women love very differently to men. A woman’s hypergamous sexual strategy is opportunistic. A man’s is idealistic.

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