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I first accidentally stumbled onto red pill content back in 2016 after experiencing a bad breakup. After struggling relationship after relationship not knowing what I was doing wrong, everything suddenly made sense. With this new knowledge, I was able to pinpoint everything I did wrong in the past and made sure not to let it happen again. Meeting women whether in person or on tinder became effortless. Maneuvering my way through office politics at my job became an exhilarating game of chess. I also learned to better manage my emotions through sports and meditation.

My quality of life improved ten-fold. I tried to red pill all of my close friends and family members but I learned the hard way that you can only help people that want to help themselves. This is why I created this website. If I can help at least one person become successful with relationships or cure them of depression from a lack of understanding women, then it will all be worth it.

The service offered will be a 30-minute phone call with me and we can discuss any relationship issues you may be having or need a third party input from a non-emotional standpoint. I can help you with your tinder or maybe even review why some attempts weren’t successful. I can help you understand more red pill content without all the scary jargon. We can discuss anything.

  • Bonus – If you’d like to learn how to grow your Instagram account quickly, I can help set up the free tool I use that makes me 70-150 followers weekly. The TheRedPillGuys started on Jan 1st, 2019 and currently closing in on 4000 followers.

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