On Why Women Need Men

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As a response to APA’s decision to categorize masculinity as being ‘toxic’, & the follow-up Gillette ad that stirred the pot, I’d like to propose a concept that so many hypnotized under fem-propaganda seem to misunderstand: women NEED men.

In fact, men need women as well. This is how we have survived so long as a species. And this is how we evolved from hunter-gatherer tribalism to the modern world we see today with iPhones and 2-day delivery of trinkets we spontaneously decided to waste our money on.

It has become apparent to me that this feminism egalitarian agenda isn’t so….well, equal. Not only is its goals covertly unequal towards males and their inherent masculinity, it misses an important truth altogether; what Rollo Tomassi calls COMPLIMENTARITY.

Aside from rare anomalies (face the facts), there are only two biological sexes: Males & Females. In each of these sex categories generally lie inherent differences. Sex was not created by humans but ,through nature (evolution, God, or both depending on your beliefs), necessary differences between the two abound. These differences in sex can be scientifically proven, hence the creation of gender as a way to distract the people from the truth.

The reason why there are an infinite amount of genders and the reason why today you can identify with a tree is because gender is merely a creation of humans in a (self-destructing) society. It is merely a distraction; so don’t lose focus on what is real. Lions, for example, have two sexes and each sex have their duties & roles to help their species flourish. Are humans not mere animals, only with the unique capability to have self-consciousness?

The point is, and the reason why differences in the two sexes are imperative, is because their differences compliment each other. Male strengths allow males to do what they need to do as males. Males do, however, have weaknesses that must be supplemented by females. Females have strengths that allow females to do what they need to do as females. Again, their weaknesses must be supplemented by males.

Ragini Verma, a researcher at the University of Penn., studied the differences in male & female brains. It was concluded that female brains are hardwired to best males in social skills, memory, and multi-tasking because they have stronger neural connections between the left and right sides of the brain. Males, on the other hand, have better connections between the front and rear sides of the brain and are hardwired to best females in perception, spacial awareness, and coordinated actions. In fact, the only region of the brain where males had stronger connections in the left and right sides of the brain is the cerebellum; which means that males also best females in motor control.

Not to my shock, these findings correlate well with stereotypes that the feminine imperative is trying to fight. Nonetheless, males and females are also hormonally, physiologically, and psychologically different. Needless to say, these differences will inevitably be “unequal” in a sense. Though I’m not sure I can really say that because I believe that both compliment each other and are thus of equal importance.

The issue lies in the assumption that because males are great at hunting back in the old tribal days, that females have a lesser role nurturing the kids and seeing to crops. In more modern times, males tend to go up the corporate ladder faster than females and females and expected to be the ones to stay home with the kids. Feminists can say this is sexist, but maybe each sex is playing to their strengths. This is not to say that one is better than another, but that both are integral and equally important in the family unit and/or society.

To paraphrase the Bible: generally one body has two hands, two feet, a nose, pair of eyes, etc. Following this, it can be assumed then that the hand is one body and the foot is one body. This is because without the hand, the body is incomplete. Without the foot, the body is incomplete. They need each other to properly function as one body, otherwise there will be struggle. How can a body see if it is just an ear? How can the body hear if it is just a nose? Each part of the body has strengths and weaknesses; each part of the body compensates for the other. Is the foot any less important because it touches dirt? Sure, it touches dirt but it also carries the weight of the entire body and allows it to walk.

All parts of the body are equally important to make up the one body. Likewise, males and females are equally important to a family unit (or society). Even though one may be in general physically stronger, or the other more attentive to detail, one necessitates the other as compliments; compensating each other’s weaknesses and pushing the human race on for many years to come.

Accept & embrace these differences, and stop pushing fem-centric agendas.

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