How To Setup Dates On Tinder Quickly

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I don’t know about you guys but I’m naturally a pretty lazy person. If I can find a quick solution to a problem, best believe I’m doing it. After experimenting for a few years on tinder and having great success on it, I’ve created a simple strategy that’s effortless and can be done in minutes. I’ll break down how I have my account set up and how I navigate through the conversation.


  • Anywhere between 3-6 photos will do to make sure the person you’re matching with doesn’t think you’re a fake account or a catfish.
  • Upload decent quality photos either at the beach, outdoors, out with friends to show social proof and that you’re not a creeper, and or a photo with you and a hot girl.
  • For example my photos consist of 1: Photo of me at the beach on vacation 2: A photo of me shirtless 3: A photo of me and a attractive female friend 4: A photo of me doing something athletic showing off my muscles 5: A photo of me fighting(MMA)

A lot of women recommend against uploading shirtless photos, but trust me if you have a nice body, youre going to have more matches. Also, there’s a better chance the girls you match with are going to be looking for a hookup. That sounds like a win to me.


Keep the bio short and sweet. You want to appear as a mystery to women. On my bio I simply write my height, nationality, and what state I just moved from. Theres no need to try to be funny or think of a clever line. We’re not here to impress her or make her laugh, we’re here to get laid.


When It comes to conversing on tinder, I keep it as simple as possible. I don’t use pickup lines, or try to formulate anything clever from her bio or photos. I simply write “Hey :)”. A lot of you may think “Hey?! that’s boring, 1000 other guys write the same thing in her inbox daily, we dont stand out.“. You need the have the mindset that you are the prize and you shouldn’t be going out of your way to grab her attention. Also with the correct tinder pics, and if you have a high SMV, you will already stand out from most of the competition. If you don’t believe me, make a fake tinder account and see what photos guys in your area are using. The bar is set soo low.

This is how my convos usually go:

Me: Hey πŸ™‚

Her: Hi πŸ™‚ // If she messages back a smiley face as well, then I know I have a good chance of setting up a date.

Me: How’s your day going? // Small talk to respond back about something relating to what she’s doing.

Her: Just here at work | Or hanging with a friend | Or some other generic response.

Me: That’s cool, so what brought you onto tinder? // This question helps you because you get an idea if she’s looking for a hookup or relationship.

Her: Oh I was bored and my friends made me make one(I hear this one all the time lol) || Or it’s hard for me to meet people due to work and my lifestyle || Or I just got out of a relationship, what about you?

Me: Similar reasons, just looking to meet new people and see where it goes. Let’s grab a drink one of these days. // Don’t set a definitive date. By me saying “one of these days”, it shows that I’m busy and not being so direct(needy).

Her: Yea that sounds great πŸ™‚

Me: Text me whenever and we’ll set something up XXX-XXX-XXXX // This throws the ball in her court. If shes truly seeking a date and not attention whoring on tinder, then there’s a good chance she will text you.

Now if she texts you, then there’s an extremely good chance that date is going to follow through. At that point, you set up the logistics and voila, easy peasy. If she does not text you, then it’s no big deal cause she’s not the only girl in the world. Also, ask her for her Instagram if she has one. That way you can see if her photos are recent and verify that its truly her.

That entire conversation can be completed in literally 2 minutes. How awesome is that? Talking to a complete stranger for a few minutes and then fucking them a few hours after.

Let us know if youre successful with this strategy.

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