Disbanding The Mistruths Of What It Means To Be Red Pilled

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A popular connotation people outside the manosphere and the wider Red Pill community have is that the theories and practices behind its messaging is a build up of “toxic masculinity” that is misogynistic towards women with a hatred of the wider society. This is classic boiler plate response to a misunderstanding. All it takes is for people to read a few Red Pill blog posts to begin to construct opinionated arguments for why they believe this to be the case. The Red Pill is a truly bitter pill to swallow because it conflicts with the ideals that have been conditioned since birth to be believed.

The part of Red Pill philosophy that is most conflicting for people is that of its message in understanding the truths behind intergender dynamics. The reason for the boiler plate responses is because it’s easy to dismiss something that conflicts with ideals that don’t sit well with your previous values. It is easy to just dismiss it as excessive patriarchy and carry on about your day. Even just the thought of psycho analysing men’s and women’s intergender relations is going to get met with resistance and hostility by default of just doing so.

Red Pill philosophy has been around for long enough now that the messaging and purpose behind it has been taken out of context for the negative. A lot of men have joined Red Pill messaging forums, such as the former Red Pill subreddit, to specifically vent their anger and frustrations at their new understanding. This has polluted and damaged the reputation of Red Pill readings. These men, albeit with underlying good intentions, have damaged the reputation of what it means to be Red Pill aware. Couple this with the feminists intruding into the male space to spout their indignations at what they do not want men to understand and you can see why this happened.

It is labeled so disapprovingly because it is to understand truths about intergender dynamics that are pretty ugly once you peel back the curtain. Understanding these truths in a post sexual revolution is at a paramount benefit to the masculine with no direct benefit to the feminine, and in the feminised society we live in today anything that benefits men with no direct benefit to women is going to come off as chauvinism by default. It’s easy to dismiss something that you do not want to invest the time in to comprehend.

A quick Google search on Red Pill understandings is thrown up first and foremost with feminists and male White Knights disbanding something that they really have no understanding of. If there is a take home message from this post it is to understand that there is a lot more to Red Pill philosophy than what will be seen from doing a quick Google search. If somebody is not 100% sure about their understanding of something, they cannot have any merit to their words or opinions to so quickly disapprove it.

The Red Pill community is a great resource for men understanding how to better improve themselves in their everyday lives of which a part of that is to understand the intergender relations that are at play in a post sexual revolution western society. This is what the Red Pill is all about. It isn’t some misogynistic hatred; it is building men into better men for women and themselves by enabling men to “just get it”. It often takes an epiphany moment on its messaging for men to want to see its truths and how it has related to past relationships etc and how they behaved. It takes an “oh crap that is why she…” moment of clarity to begin to push past the initial resistance of its messaging. A lot of men are just too fearful to want to understand so stay “plugged in” and Blue Pilled because their beliefs are too deeply ingrained in their psyches. Swallowing the Red Pill has to be a conscious choice made by the individual, but once it is internalised and understood, a Red Pill aware man will begin to see and understand behaviors around him from both men and women that he would have previously been ignorant of.

At The Red Pill Guys blog, information can be found on true Red Pill understandings that disabuse the negativity that has come with a man being Red Pilled in 2019. It will collate, dissect and explain in a context that doesn’t discriminate against either sex. It will be equally as brash, open and honest about the true intergender dynamics at play. To make its points apparent, it will break down the behavior of both men and women in intergender communications with a Red Pill lens, and whether this is positive or negative does not matter in so much as it makes its message clear.

The Red Pill Guys blog is a starting point to readdress the misunderstanding of what the Red Pill has come to mean in 2019 to those only vaguely familiar with its concept.

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