Difference Between The Lover And Provider

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When it comes to courtship men will usually fall into one of two different mindsets, lover or provider. A provider will try to court the woman and win her affection with attention, compliments, dinner, gifts, and other favors. In response to this behavior, the woman will typically withhold sex, play hard to get, and test him to see how good of a provider he will be. By proving himself repeatedly over a long period of time, the woman may develop affection for the man, but not attraction.

The lover on the other hand, sees himself as the prize in the interaction. He conveys to women that he embodies the traits of the alpha man, and the women love him for it. As a result they will feel attraction for him and will get physically involved with him very quickly. He does not have to deal with the issues the provider has to deal with. If he chooses to get into a relationship, he will be in control of it and decide how far it goes.

Irrespective of which relationship you want to have with a woman. You want to take the frame of the lover. You should project early on in your interactions that you have the characteristics of the alpha man, and that it is not part of your world view to chase after her.


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