Betas With Non-Alpha Widows

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Before this essay even gets into the nuts and bolts of things, it should be noted that this is not an attempt to cover all possible scenarios that might be encountered. Obviously, with anything, there is always going to be exceptions to the rule. Instead, it is to provide a baseline coverage of contextual examples of what behavior a man is likely expecting from a non-alpha widowed woman with a beta male at various stages of her life when viewed with a Red Pill lens.

It is going to sound immoral to do this, but if a man pops on the Red Pill lenses and analyses the intergender relationships around him, he will begin to pick up on nuances that will enable him to identify the health of those relationships. This does not have to be close family or friends; it can be those that he sees on the train, at the nightclub or just walking down the street. A man with Red Pill lenses on will be able to see whether the man he is looking at is either alpha or beta based on the alpha or beta tells being given off. He will also be able to identify the signs that indicate to their intersexual histories, how he would behave if he was in that man’s position and whether he would even want to be in that position.

If a Red Pilled man analyses with the Red Pill lenses the relationship between a couple of any age and sees these particular tells, he can depict that the male is beta and that she is not an alpha widow.

  • Both holding hands
  • Both swooning for each other
  • Male leaning into her and she’s leaning into him
  • Selfies are of them both
  • Looking into each other’s eyes smiling ear to ear
  • Rings on their fingers that connect together to form a complete heart
  • Male has slouched posture
  • Nobody exists to themselves outside their own little world
  • Male is feeding her and she is feeding him
  • They both look like love exists just for the sake of it
  • Nobody is leading the relationship; it’s lead purely by the emotions of both parties
  • Both the male and female are as emotional as each other
  • It is the type of romance that is depicted in sloppy romance films and Hollywood idealisms

For the Red Pilled man, these are obvious beta tells; however, the important note here is that she is reciprocating all of his beta behavior. As strange as it sounds, this is a healthy beta relationship. His idealistic love is satisfied, and her hypergamous love is satisfied. It is most likely that she has not had many sex partners in her time and that he has “alpha widowed” her for now with his low-key beta behavior. In fact, it is quite possible that she has only slept with him and he has only slept with her.

Post-Sexual Revolution Female – The Adolescent Female Age Up To ~20

The woman in this scenario is in adolescence, so it can almost be guaranteed that it will end at some point with her dumping him; the femcentric western world we live in today offers up far too many opportunities for her hypergamous opportunism that she will “smell” alpha at some point and leave this man, her sexual market value (SMV) be damned. Her beta boyfriend will eventually hold her back in both sexual and other non-sexual pursuits. Her girlfriends will relay stories of the alphas they are dating and she will swoon for the same opportunities. Despite this being a healthy relationship, her hypergamous nature is only satisfied in the “present”. In other words, it is only a healthy relationship until it isn’t.

The man in this scenario, being a conditioned greater beta, has absolutely no idea this dynamic is at play. He thinks this is his “soul mate” and that he is lucky to find her so early on in his life. This is a recipe for the beta to hit the bottle and believe his life is over when the relationship inevitably implodes. This scenario covers relationships up to the age of about 20 for the female but can obviously vary to some extent. For the male, it doesn’t really matter what age he is; the context is that he holds true to his Blue Pill beta idealisms for this dynamic to be at play.

In this situation, the greater beta will do nothing different and just behave as he always has; however, one day she will just break up with him. It will happen just like that. She just flipped a switch on him. All in vain, he will try to appease and reason with her to stay, but she has “smelt alpha” outside this relationship vicariously through her girlfriend’s stories and the observations of other males behavior. She is beginning to understand the turn off that is beta behavior. He will possibly smash things up and destroy property etc; all this is just going to drive her away even more. Getting frustrated and angry is a golden buzzer of a beta tell.

An adolescent male, beta or alpha, needs to understand that getting into a relationship with a woman that is of an age of around 20 to 25 is most likely to end if either party within the relationship has a high sexual market value (SMV); this is especially true if the SMV is high for the female. There are just too many other options for the high SMV female to “cash-out” at this stage. She wants some alpha choice and will be out to get it. The adolescent male needs to realize that this woman is not his “soul mate” because “soul mates” do not exist.

There are exceptions to this rule such as the high school sweethearts that stay together and continue to be happily married into old age. They possibly both had low SMVs and knew they could not do better than each other. The beta male and non-widowed female are both idealistically and hypergamously satisfied in their own unique love paradigms. This, however, is very, very rare, especially in a post-sexual revolution gender landscape.

Pre-Sexual Revolution Female – Age ~55 Plus

If the woman in this scenario is over the age of 55, then the context is different because she was born before the sexual revolution. Alpha behavior outside the husbands beta behavior has never been experienced by the woman. For all she knows, alpha is what this man’s beta behavior is. Her peers of the same age that she hangs out with have all only ever experienced the same type of male behavior so have never experienced alpha as we may know it today. Her hypergamy is absolutely satisfied with this beta male’s behavior because women before the sexual revolution settled down a lot younger and, therefore, were less likely to have had as many male sex partners to become alpha widows.

With this scenario analyzed, it can begin to be understood that with unfettered hypergamy as we know it today, the bar that depicts “alpha behavior” has been set a lot higher than it was pre-sexual revolution. Women of today have access to a lot more options to eventually experience dominance and subsequent alpha widowing. Couple this with the fact that men were naturally more alpha back then due to the lack of a femcentric social order conditioning them to be beta and the polarization at play begins to shine through.

Pre-Sexual Revolution: Naturally alpha men with a low alpha behavior bar set on a woman.

Post-Sexual Revolution: Naturally beta men with a high alpha behavior bar set on a woman.

Post-Sexual Revolution Female – Age ~40 to ~55

This is where the context specifics for beta males and non-alpha widows can begin to get tricky. A woman of this age is the woman most likely to fulfill the “Eat Prey Love” dynamic. In this instance, the woman in a relationship with a beta male, despite not being an alpha widow, is probably peripherally aware that she is with a beta male. She pines not for the alphas of her past but for the alphas she has missed out on. As she is not a post-sexual revolution alpha widow, she most likely married young.

She could easily be the woman who married her high school sweetheart as depicted earlier. Her girlfriends who did not marry young have told her of all the alpha men they have experienced in their own party years and on their travels around the world etc. The “this one time at band camp…” stories have been told to her, getting her fired up for what she has missed out on. Little to his knowledge, the beta husband is about to be terminated.

In this example, the woman divorces her beta provider and travels around the world looking for her alpha to sweep her off her feet. The potential for her previously having children is pretty high. She is most likely only good for a ONS and just a little “Game” will be enough to get the lay. At the end of the day, it is what she is looking for. She could be the “good looking” cougar in the club thirsty for young alpha. The fact she divorced probably makes her realize her SMV was quite high in the past and just did not capitalize on it fully. She is making up for missing out.

This isn’t always going to be the case, and one exception to the rule is that the non-alpha widow and beta stay together; possibly due to a low SMV on one of both parties, especially the female. She may realize that leaving her beta provider is not a wise move as catching a feral alpha is not likely to happen. Either that, or the beta just satisfies her hypergamy and that is that. Financial matters etc can also play a part for obvious reasons. She may also just not want to up and leave her children. The bonding of a mother to her children could very easily keep her from leaving her beta provider, especially if he is the breadwinner. In this instance, she lives her fantasy life vicariously through “female porn” such as romance books and movies like 50 shades. She may be completely unaroused by he beta husband who suffers from a dead bedroom.

Post-Sexual Revolution Female – Age ~28 To ~40

These days, most women do not settle down until they are around age 28 to 35 at the epiphany phase for which by then they have most likely been alpha widowed; however, for this context specific example of this essay of non-alpha widows, she is possibly only a low SMV woman who just has not had the opportunities of her higher SMV girlfriends. In other words, she is non-alpha widow because of circumstance and not through choice. It could also be that her previous relationships have only ever been beta males in which case she could be a non-alpha widow with a higher SMV; she may “know” what alpha is, again through stories of her girlfriends and the like, but this may or may not be the case.

A high SMV woman that is a non-alpha widow at her epiphany phase is a male jackpot to find; just be careful if this appears to be the case because it may be too good to be true. She may be lying about her past inter-sexual experiences to make her come across as not having been too promiscuous and as a “great catch” for a long term relationship. If a man is dating a high SMV woman at the epiphany phase, he is best assuming she is an alpha widow. It is the easiest way to save face from being duped if his behavior does not live up to the ghosts of her alphas past. At the end of the day, this essay is about beta males dating non-alpha widows.

A woman with an extremely high SMV that is a non-alpha widow is likely to be rare as rocking horse shit if she is at the age of 28 to 35 in a post-sexual revolution landscape. If a man meets this woman, alpha or beta, he’s found a unicorn. She is more than likely lying about her past experiences. Again, it is best assuming she is an alpha widow, even if she relays that she hasn’t had many boyfriends. She may not have had many boyfriends, but she may have had many lovers. There is a difference and women can, and do, exploit these terms for their betterment; it is a little white lie on their part to obfuscate.

If she is religious in any way, this could also keep her from widowing herself. It is something to keep in mind.

A beta male that meets a woman at her epiphany phase that he is convinced has not been alpha widowed will be more likely to be respected and appreciated than one that has. If she has been alpha widowed and is picking up on beta tells, she will most likely cut the dating short. She just won’t be “feeling it”. As counter intuitive as it seems, if a woman is just “not feeling it” she is doing the man a favor because it is a sign she is not going to settle. Just accept the rejection as a good thing and move on.

End Notes

The take home message from this essay is that beta males are best meeting non-alpha widows at a woman’s epiphany phase to be appreciated. He could also date younger women, if possible, that have not been “got at” by alphas yet. The caveat here is that she will most likely terminate the relationship out the blue at some point if she is too young due to other options being available, i.e other alpha options.

Beta males have a hard time when dating because a lot of women just cut contact after the first date, especially high SMV alpha widows. A beta male is best ensuring he is fully appreciated and to ensure he actually is satisfying her hypergamy for whatever age she may be. A beta male is best keeping things like his income and personal wealth on the low key to make sure she is appreciating him for him and not his wallet etc.

A woman can and will “settle” for a beta male if she so deems she has to, lust and love be damned. Beta males need to be very careful. Taking a course on female body language may be a good starting point for a beta male if they so wish not to be had over and taken to the cleaners by an unappreciative woman only looking to “not be alone forever more”. The investment might be a good trade off against the possibility of the knock on implications down the line of not vetting a woman correctly. Watching some YouTube videos on red flags for women is also a good thing to do for both betas and alphas.

Definitions Of Terminology Within The Article

Beta Male: A plugged in male who usually provides just security to a female. He views women as “the prize” by default of his societal conditioning. He commits easily, believes woman love just like he does and doesn’t understand women. He does not understand his value to women.

The Epiphany Phase: The point in a woman’s life when she has an epiphany that she should probably settle down with a male before her fading sexual competitiveness makes her a spinster. This is usually around the age of 28-35 depending on the attractiveness of the woman and her personal sexual market value (SMV). She would ideally like the arousing alpha but is starting to realise she will have to settle with a beta. Urgency kicks in at this stage as well because of her want for children.

Alpha Widows: Women who have been so emotionally in love with dominant alpha males in her past that she has come to despise beta males. She finds it difficult to pair bond with beta males and be in true love with them. She sees beta males as male girlfriends.

Red Pill Alpha: An unplugged male who understands women.

Blue Pill Alpha: A plugged in male who is an alpha that most likely knows some idea about woman but hasn’t studied Red Pill philosophy. He could definitely benefit from unplugging. He probably subscribes to an ideal of “soul mate” mythology or some other Blue Pill ideal that could get him fucked over easily by a manipulative woman. He’s possibly good at getting one night stands (ONSs). He’s possibly the guy who is alpha with friends but beta with women. He can easily switch from Blue Pill beta to Blue Pill alpha without knowing.

Hypergamy: A woman’s dualistic sexual strategy of short term alpha flings (if her looks can enable it) in her youth before settling into comfortable long term commitment with, usually, a beta when her sexual competitiveness starts to fade usually around 30 to 35 when she cannot attract alphas anymore and wants to cash out the sexual market place (SMP). The age a woman “cashes out” is dependent upon her circumstances. Hypergamy is always asking her hind-brain “is he the best I can do”, even in marriage. It is rooted in doubt; hence women love very differently to men. A woman’s hypergamous sexual strategy is opportunistic. A man’s is idealistic.

Beta Tells: Behavioural or verbal cues depicted by a male that indicate he is a beta male.

Alpha Tells: Behavioural or verbal cues depicted by a male that indicate he is an alpha male.

Sexual Market Value: The sexual market value of a woman or man. It is the value of a woman or man to the opposite sex. A woman’s is based on her age and looks. A man’s in based on his looks but more so towards his status, age, wealth etc. A man’s SMV is a lot more complicated than a woman’s and will be addressed in later blog posts.

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