A Tinder Guide: How I Went From 5 Matches A Week To 50+ A Day

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Learn how I maneuver my way through tinder. I first made my tinder account in 2016 hoping to get laid like everyone one else. I barely got 1-5 matches a day and the women I matched with were not interested in me and barely wanted to hang out outside of the app.

Throughout my online tinder journey, I stumbled onto the red pill. Within time, I started to better understand what women are receptive to and now have a better understanding of what they’re looking for when online dating.

That’s when I started to have more and more success. I’m not trying to exaggerate at all when I say I can make a tinder an account, meet someone, and get laid the same week with no issues at all.

There’s no special gimmicks, pickup lines, or anything like that. This is straight to the point and as simplified as possible. I use the same convo script for every conversation with mild changes on each individual and it works. I swear, 2 years using the same script and I can get a girl’s number and date set in less than 7 sentences.

I hope you enjoy the guide and feel free to dm me or email me theredpillguys@gmail.com if you have any questions. Available now on Gumroad.

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